Let Botherly Love Continue…

Over the years I have listened to people as they have shared their New Year’s resolutions. Promises are made to change something regarding health or wealth or happiness – or all three. For the Christian we are called to find ourselves at the feet of Jesus everyday; so that transformation can be effected in us. We cannot and should not rely on a once off resolution through our human efforts to make life more bearable for us on earth. Our planning is often too focussed on the here and now; and we at times forget to fix our minds on the things above (See Colossians 3:2). Things that have eternal value and purpose. For where our tresure is, there our hearts will be also (See Matthew 6:21).

We need a 180 degree revolution of our hearts – repentance that turns us to God in full dependence on His Spirit. The Lord made it clear to Zechariah that if they were to see Jerusalem restored and transformed they would need to do it by the Spirit of God – not might or power of men (See Zechariah 4:6).  This was also confirmed to us by Jesus who said that God is Spirit – and those who would worship Him (surrender all) would have to do so in Spirit and truth (See John 4:24)!

What is it that God’s Spirit wants to empower us to do, that we in our flesh could never accomplish?

We could never keep God’s standards; but the Spirit of Christ transforms and empowers us with God’s love so that we may love Him and others in obedient living.

God is love. So it can be expected that if we are true believers that we would do everything to bring His Character, which is His love, into every sphere of life. Jesus always set His eyes on things above… To the place where His Father was. There He saw one thing to strive for… To be a channel of the Father’s love while on earth. As Kingdom ambassadors of Jesus’ light and with the love of the Father in our hearts – we can reach our families, communities and the nations.

LOVE is a good spiritual barometer. When people say that they are not willing to love then it is highly unlikely that they are in in touch with the Father in heaven. They do not worship in Spirit and in truth – and they are still caught in the net of this temporary life. When you live in His presence you cannot leave His presence untouched by His love. In truth when people say they love God but cannot love the people God has strategically placed in their lives; they are only deceiving themselves. Lovelessness is a clear sign that you are far too absent from the throne room; and the Bible makes it clear that we are in DARKNESS if we refuse to love as Jesus taught us to. How can any Christian say they love God who they cannot see… (1 John 4:20) When they refuse to love their nearest whom they can see?

How can we know the fullness of God’s love? How do we love unconditionally as Jesus taught us?

We need an annointing of God’s love through the Holy Spirit. We need to dwell in the presence of love itself, in the throne room which seats the God of true Love. We need to ask this amazing one to fill us with love for Him and one another. All other things in this life will fail. God’s love in our lives for Him and for others will endure forever.

Is it easy to love people… ?

If you are trying to love people in your own strength then it is a very difficult; if not an impossible thing to do. Loving people is easier than 1, 2, 3 when it is inspired from God’s heart. The Spirit of God can help us to love in ways that surpasses our own capacity. If you struggle Jesus said come to me and He will give us His yoke which makes things easier and light (See Matthew 11:28-30). If you do not know how to love then learn from Jesus who laid His life down for all. For there is no greater love then a life which is laid down for a brother or a sister (See John 15:13-14).

Struggling to forgive…?

Then you have not known the fullness of God’s love… And you are not forgiven by God (Matthew 6:14-15). But repentance will turn you back to the author of love so that you may be forgiven and empowered to forgive those who commit the worst injustices against you. Obedience through forgiving others will see God’s favour in restoring what the grasshoppers (the enemy) has taken from you.

Sitting with fear?

Fear is cured by love. God can drive out your fears with His perfect love (1 John 4:18). Fear feeds off hidden lies; seeded through the enemy work.  These lies may be that God is not sufficient in helping us… or Protecting us… or Caring for us… These lies always attack God’s loving character as a ultimate provider and protector. No matter what happens to us in this temporary life, God has eternity ready for those who love Him. The truth is God loves us enough and is capable enough to care for us right into into eternity…

Ann Voskamp says:

“When the King rules my world, I cease to rule or to worry. All worrying makes me King and God incompetent. I am going to trust that in the little places, through unexpected people, His perfect story is unfolding and unwrapping all around me and in me, the light overtaking the dark. The King has entered this world, and the wonder in Him is here and now and true…”

Being religious by keeping rules and regulations in Christianity?

We cannot earn God’s love or salvation. Ask God to help you love others; and in loving others you are doing as the Bible says …you fulfill the law (See Romans 13:10).

Critical of others?

Ask God to place His love over your eyes so that you may see people as He sees them. We often break others down – who are made in the image of God – and are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our blindness of the value of the human body, soul and spirit makes us speak in ignorance through criticizing others. May love bind our tongues and fill our hearts to have a godly vision of others; even if we are not seeing eye-to-eye with them.

It is time to break through the hard ground (Hosea 10:12) that has beholdened our hearts and it time to let the Spirit of God soften us in this new season. Let us all ask Him to work and mulch those areas of our lives that have become like thick, sticky clay… in this way we will be realigned to become a channel of heavens love and glory.

For without love, we are nothing (1 Corinthians 13:2) and refusing to love is blatant disobedience to the Father’s call over us. In the last days the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24:12; Jesus warns us that love would grow cold in people’s hearts. In 2018 I watched this in real time. I saw how people brought that prophecy of Jesus to life. How sad!!!

Don’t think for a second that heaven has place for loveless “believers”… It doesn’t. Hell is full of people who refused to let the love of God secure them and drench them. It is not to late to see that turnaround here and now. Today, if you hear His voice do not hardened your heart to the call of His love – for only the sheep of Jesus hear and obey His voice.

With deep love in Christ for you,

Brother D.

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Some interesting scriptures on love… Thanks to Rene.

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