Values shape culture. Understanding the concepts of culture and its impact on society, reveals our potential for bringing a lasting and healthy influence on the world around us. One of the most vital assignments we have in life is to discover and implement the value of heaven, so that we can see God’s will completely fulfilled in our lives, “.. As it is in Heaven.” If our discovery is genuine, the impact thereof on us and others will be visible. The effects of heaven’s culture on individuals, families, ministries, and all other aspects of the city life must have outward, discernible significance to prove authenticity. This is the purpose behind Kingdom Culture (Bill Johnson). Taken from the book Kingdom Culture by Dann Farrelly. What does such a statement look like in your reality? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE….

Christmas Lunch for the Homeless: 24 – 25 Dec 2019

After witnessing the enormous effect that last year’s Christmas lunch had on our homeless friends, we decided that we would like to serve them again this year with a Christmas meal. Besides for sleeping on the streets, our homeless friends had to face additional challenges this year, like having a serial killer in their midst of them as well as being beaten up by certain Taxi drivers, while they sleep. Thus, we want to show love to them when they can’t be with their families. CLICK TO READ MORE…

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NETWORK: Kingdom Culture – December 2019 Update
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