I had the wonderful opportunity to sit on my small veranda at home watching the magnificent sunset. Sunsets are always my favourite and summer sunsets in South Africa are particularly beautiful during the rainy season. This evening was no exception. God displayed His magnificent glory. I started to become sad as I watched the clouds slowly-but-surely close off the setting light, like a large round door or window shrinking. The light faded and the ominous rain clouds were all that remained.

It was then I felt the Lord tap me on the shoulder and I realised He wanted to discuss what was bothering me. I told Him… “Time is running out for the people of this planet. The doors are closing and the windows are closing. Is there any hope left”?

The Lord told me that this is inevitable, that all things must reach their ordained conclusion. What we need to do is to ensure that we use every minute wisely for His glory. There is little room for poor choices. In this season we need to listen to Him very carefully so that every step we take is in tune with His heartbeat.

I asked what “I should do?”

I heard the Lord say “declare my Word prophetically… The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy”.

So I spoke as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance: “While the doors may be closing, they are not shut yet. The Lord will help us pull as many into the Kingdom of His Son while time is with us. We will pull them from the flames and rescue them In Jesus name!”

My prayer for you is that you will also realise that we are approaching the edge of all things. The return of Jesus is very near; we see it in scripture and now we also feel it in our bones. As EAR2HEAR we bless you and encourage you to seek God so that you may know what is expected of you while the opportunities are still around to do the Father’s business.

Ephesians 5:16 GNB “Make good use of every opportunity you have, because these are evil days”.

God bless

P.s. I forgot to take a photo during this quiet moment with the Lord and when I realised I needed my camera it was too late. Amazingly the next morning I noticed a friend had added the pictures of the exact same sunset in Pretoria to her Facebook account, she is a photographer and I use this picture with Melandie’s permission.

RESOURCES: A Prophetic Declaration for 2020
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