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2020 is well on its way and for some, the new year has brought many new and exciting adventures and for some, it had a bit of a rocky start. What I realised is that either way, we can’t just throw in the towel when things get off to a rocky start or become complacent when things are good. We should always be aiming our hearts at Jesus, to be ready and tenaciously pursuing the heart of Jesus.

In September 2019 we placed a young lady in a drug rehabilitation centre and things went fairly smooth until two weeks ago. Many things were happening in two weeks’ time and at the end of it, she ran away and is back living on the streets again. God keeps reminding me of the song, Reckless Love, from Cory Asbury, and I’ll admit that going after her as Jesus goes after us, is not in my human nature! But is that not how… Click here to read more

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