South Africa is a multi-cultural country with many different ethnic groups. This can create challenges in our workplace and communities due to the unique way our beliefs and resulting behaviours are shaped.

For all of us living here in South Africa, this is a CRITICAL course to attend. No matter who you are, you will be happier and more content after the understanding you receive on this weekend. God wants to bless you, your friends and our nation with massive revelation and healing!!!

Our worldview is strongly influenced by our particular culture in which we’ve grown up. Behaviours like prejudice, division, racism, judgement and ethnic conflict can cause hurts. God wants us to receive healing and to understand His loving heart for each ethnic group and how to relate cross-culturally.

This course will also equip you to live a life free from the negative views of your own and other cultures and to reach out to other people groups with a Kingdom culture heart.

As a previous delegate at Ellel, we would like to invite you to this amazing course:

Investigating God’s healing for Ethnic Wounding

Network: Ellel – God’s healing for Ethnic Wounding
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