Dear Friends:


“Everything we do, dear  friends,is to strengthen you.”

2 Corinthians 12:19c

Even though we both suffered different types of health issues the past month it didn’t stop us to continue to go out and do what we were called to do. In just over a month one of the small house prayer groups was built up from 4 to15 people. It was only the Lord. People were open to learn and participate. We hope to continue there but we have opposition.
  • Please continue to pray about all the little house churches.Its all about Jesus. Being Light in the darkness.


This is the third month since we started our small booklet called “CALLING", the demand is slowly going up and we are distributing more booklets this month. People are looking forward to each edition and want house deliveries monthly.

Through our online distribution of this booklet someone from a far off town (3hours 40 minutes) have decided to take baptism. We are prayerfully waiting for his arrival in the coming weeks, Praise The Lord, We continue to evangelize every person that comes our way. Discipling everyone.
  • Please pray for the literature part of the ministry – that it would impact hearts and transform lives.

The humanitarian crisis in many places in India is probably the worst in the world.

We continue to help others that come our way and who are in need.There are many widows in our small groups who are being neglected by family. Many of them are sleeping outside on a mat because it’s the custom to move the elderly out.

Winter is here and we hope to distribute some necessary blankets and jerseys to them. We also target other outcasts with small blessings of hope.

Even with the Corona Pandemic in India we can at least do our small part and provide them OCT medicines like paracetamol and vitamin C tablets

  • Please pray for the ongoing HUMANITARIAN work we are doing in the communities.

Colours of India – Charity Work. 

Feeding and clothing people in need.

If you go to hospital that can be a terrible burden as you do not receive health care such as that from a nurse – rather you are required to bring a helper to care for you. The HOUSE of HOPE can be a training ground to teach other believers how to be helpers in hospitals to those who have none.Our dream is to build a HOUSE OF HOPE where outcasts can come and find the help they need. It is frontier mission work and not easy. Currently, if you do not have the correct ID papers you cannot receive medical care or government support. There are many who have no documentation. A HOUSE OF HOPE will make a difference for the undocumented.Please pray for the dream we have of establishing a registered HOUSE OF HOPE.
  • Please pray for the dream we have of buying property to build a registered HOUSE OF HOPE.

On the 21 December 2020 i will celebrate 10 years of ministry in India. This is
only by God’s Grace. Many have come and gone. I have learned , I have suffered and I have rejoiced. In thankfulness for this awesome privilege, I hope to host three days of open air, evangelism meetings on 21,22,23 December 2020 to celebrate.

  • Please ask the Father with me for the funds to do this.

I have successfully obtained my driving licence for driving a lightweight motorcycle. Hallelujah.
you for your constant prayers. Your prayers have made many things
possible in the past years. Please pray for the following:

  1. Visa application sent. Waiting for feedback.
  2. God’s provision for all financial and resources and volunteer needs.
  3. Continued prayers for this ministry.

Appreciation to all the people who pray and support us. We are blessed by your continuous encouragement.

I would like to thank the following people for their prayerful financial support for the past month:

  • Beate & Christi Ten Haaf
  • Prostire Costel
  • Anonymous

I would like to thank the following organizations for their wonderful support:

Banking Details:
Louisa A Ambati
First National Bank
Cape Town South Africa
FNB Gold Cheque Acc: 62578287461
Branch Code: 250655 Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Thank you dear friend in Christ. We appreciate all your prayers, encouragement and support. We can never do it without you. We pray blessings upon you and yours . God bless!

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“The only thing I want in life is to be known for loving Christ to build His church.To love His Bride,And make His name known far and wide. For this cause I live,For this cause I'd die I surrender all,For the cause of Christ".

This ministry is a registered project with Helderberg Outreach Somerset  West Cape Town South Africa. Donations can also be made to their account:. There is also an opportunity to be the proud owner of a painting of the well known South African Artist Andre Vorster.

Bank Name: Absa Helderberg
Account Name: Helderberg Uitreik
Type of Account: Savings
Account Nr: 9114 483 080,
Branch Code: 63200

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